Message Series


Sundays in December
This Christmas season, we're feasting on the amazing truth that Jesus, the “Bread of Life,” arrived in Bethlehem, the “City of Bread.” In human form, our God stepped on this planet to walk among us. We’re focusing on bread as a means of reconciliation, hospitality, provision, rejoicing and satisfaction. All of these find their deepest expressions in Jesus, the bread that has come down from heaven. Invite this theme to draw your attention to Him in a fresh way this Christmas. “The bread of God is He who comes down from heaven and gives life to the world.” John 6:33


December 3, 8, 9:30 & 11am
December 10, 8, 9:30 & 11am
December 17, 9 & 11am Christmas Concert 
December 24, 10am & 4pm 
Christmas Eve
December 31, 8, 9:30 & 11am


January message series
What motivates you? The new year is a great opportunity to start fresh with an invitation for the remarkable love of Christ to compel us in all we do. With this focus at the heart of our plans and goals, a transformation takes place in how we think. The Compelled series presents practical tools and an accessible framework for living life with a trustworthy filter for making decisions, building relationships and moving toward Jesus.